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Eat Healthy, Age Wonderfully –
23rd Sept

How do you naturally slow down the ageing process? We all want to feel and look younger and are willing to spend lots of money trying to find an elusive elixir. Although there isn’t a magical formula to turn back time, there are many anti-aging foods that can be part of your daily diet that can certainly contribute to the slowing down the ageing process. As part of my work as a nutritionist, I run regular medication free workshops and events covering nutritional advice in Tunbridge wells, Kent and in Heathfield and Mayfield, East Sussex to help improve your health span.

This workshop will look at the benefits of eating anti-aging foods and will address some of the concerns we have regarding ageing such as skin, hair and nail condition, optimising energy as well as looking into foods that have been attributed to slowing down cognitive decline. The workshop will also include a cookery demonstration using anti-ageing recipes prepared by me for your Breakfast and Lunch.

Menopause Workshop – 11th Nov

Nutrition and wellbeing plays an integral role when a woman begins her menopausal phase. This phase may be your peri-menopausal or menopausal phase. This workshops offers an opportunity to identify your menopausal symptoms, understand what is happening to your body and offers Nutritional and Lifestyle modifications that will help support your journey through this phase of your life. The workshop will also include a cookery demonstration on hormone balancing Breakfast and Lunch recipes.

Rebalance your Gut and Liver after the Festive Season – 13th Jan

The festive season gives us free license to over indulge with some of our favourite treats. Although delicious, these rich, high sugary, high fat laden treats can leave us feeling bloated, sluggish and with unwanted additional pounds. Alcohol consumption also increases over this period which can leave us excessively dehydrated and our liver over burdened with unwanted alcohol related toxins.

Restart your year on a healthier foot by joining me to rebalance your gut health, focusing on foods that not only reduce bloating but also aid liver function. Foods rich in antioxidants will aid your detoxification processes and will be explored during the workshop. To support weight loss I will also focus on how we can break the habits and cravings that we have adopted over the festive season. The workshop will also include a cookery demonstration using liver cleansing recipes prepared by me for your Breakfast and Lunch. Areas I run my events and workshops on nutritional advice include: Tunbridge Wells, Kent,  and Heathfield and Mayfield, East Sussex,