Optimising health and wellbeing through nutritional support





I signed up for Nutritionist advice, alongside my wife, and whilst I sought help around making my sports training more manageable and in particular dealing with severe cramping my wife went for help associated with her unusual form of arthritis.
I cannot comment on the latter as client confidentiality seems to prevail in the household as well as the clinic but in my case, my cramp was solved with a better diet, which was shaped around what I liked to eat and prioritising those choices, combined with nutrient supplements. In particular, I was advised to have a greater water intake and combine with a series of supplements to improve the salt levels in my body – it worked! I have been able to double my time on the squash courts and have no post game issues compared to before when I used to be crippled with pain that could not be ‘stretched out’. The entire interaction with Annie was painless, she was very professional and I was amazed at how much could be gleaned about my lifestyle from a few consultations.
Mark GG

As I currently suffer from Ulcerative Colitis it is essential that I manage my diet effectively to help relieve symptoms and prevent further flare-ups. Therefore by utilising Annie’s knowledge it allowed me to develop a dietary plan specific to myself. Having undergone this plan I have experienced many benefits and certainly feel so much healthier and happier.

Rebekah M

For anyone going through the menopause getting your diet right can do wonders, it helped me minimise my hot flushes and sweet cravings. It helped me with my energy levels and sleep. Thanks to Annie I’ve managed to come off all my medications and now I am entering a new stage in my life with a spring in my step.

Anne D

As a lady in her late forties I felt it was really time to understand what food I was putting into my body and it’s nutritional value – or not !  I wanted to improve my general wellbeing, energy levels and be ready for my next decade.

Annie conducted a thorough assessment with me in a very thoughtful and considered manner. I now have a new life plan and supplements and know exactly what I need to do.

I have so much more energy and can’t wait for my fifties!

Thank you Annie

Nikki M